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In fremd body (In Framed Body)

Sometimes, for the promotion as the models, some companies use some kind of bunnies, bears, kitties, and so on. Very often this bear or bunny is a symbol of a company, such as Ronald McDonald or Mickey Mouse. We are so used to them that sometimes we forget, there's a real person under the suit. How he feels, or if he's comfortable in this mask. Most people are reincarnated in rabbits or bears for a short period of time, but there are also those, who condemned themselves to the life, imprisoned in the body of a foam animal. Yes, there are many professions where individualism is not needed at all. A worker who covers a sausage with a pellicle all day long is self-asserting in this way. But the teddy bear is a completely different thing. On the such workplace, a person must completely abdicate his personality and turn into a fabulous corporate hero. It's almost like cutting hair as the monks do, but for the service in the temple of advertising.

In the metropolis, a costly promotional model awaits a lot of danger. There have been cases when the bears were beaten in the middle of the day in the city center. Someone is so confused that he begins to see an actual soft toy, just a very big one. For example, in Russia, a special detachment of the police detained the green activists who, for the sake of a stronger effect, put on the suits of garbage tanks.

"On the way"
150х120 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2010

The action "White papers", Lviv, Halytska street. In the white bear's suit, empty sheets of paper were distributed to the hands. 48 leaves broke up in 15 minutes.

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